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James Foster Elementary School
Be Smart, Be Strong, Believe, and Belong!
view of the town with a rainbow in the sky

Welcome to Our School

Welcome to James Foster Elementary School. We are a transitional kindergarten through sixth-grade school in the Saugus Union School District. Our award-winning school is committed to supporting our students’ academic and personal success.

A Message from Our Principal

We know that our success with each student is directly related to the partnership we share with our students’ parents, so we encourage all parents to become an active participant in their child's education.

At James Foster school, our goal is to provide a well-rounded program that will meet the educational, social, and physical needs of our students. As educators, we constantly strive for excellence. We are committed to providing our students with an educational program that encourages all students to reach their full potential and gain the skills, attitudes, and understanding necessary to be 21st-century citizens.

At James Foster school, all students have the opportunity to Be Smart, Be Strong, Believe, and Belong! Our school focuses on leadership, and our students have many opportunities at each grade level to be leaders at James Foster School.

Our door is always open for you to share your ideas, concerns, and comments. Please drop by for a visit and to witness the daily learning that goes on in our amazing school.


Mrs. Misty Covington, Principal

Misty Covington